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18.05.2018 14:08

Garden decking is all the rage

your garden and not just see the plants and trees through a pane of glass. Whether the garden decking is connected to the house or it accesses an area which would otherwise be 'out of bounds' (eg over a pond) or whether it is a quiet preserve away from the house doesn't make any difference. Timber decking is the standard although there are other
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types. It is readily customizable via a vast range of different decorative forms or color-wise via different stains and oils. My preference for timber treatment - unfortunately regular maintenance is a requisite of anything made of wood - is teak oil which is a bit expensive but goes on easy, is very durable and which brings out the natural good looks of the
wood. Garden Decking - Add Function to Your Landscape Garden decking is a landscaping feature which extends the living space of the house outdoors. It is a wooden platform built above the ground and connected to the main building. A railing for safety generally encloses it. They are made from treated lumber, composite material, aluminum,
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