Conditions of participation

There is no differentiation between licensed and hobby drivers. Membership in a club is not required. Participants under the age of 18 must submit a written declaration of consent from a parent or guardian to the organizer no later than the time they pick up their starting documents. For all riders, riding is prohibited on the entire campground area (Area24) – the bikes must be pushed to and from the transition area!

Only mountain bikes with a wheel size from 26 to 29 inches are allowed. Cross bikes or cross country bikes are not allowed. On the course, help can be accepted from supervisors or other participants (also from other teams) in case of defect (air pump, tube, wheel, etc.). The complete bike may only be exchanged within the transition area. Helmets are compulsory on the course! E-bikes are not allowed!

Participant limit

Due to the limited space in the Area24 and the compatibility mountain bikers / narrow forest trails, there is a participant limit to a maximum of 145 teams! The exact allocation can be seen in the invitation to tender.

Registration / Late registration

The registration is binding. The registration is valid only if 10 days after registration the starting amount has been transferred. If this is not the case, the registration will be deleted again to make room for other teams. An entry fee refund will only be given in case of cancellation up to 3 weeks before the race, and only at 50% of the paid fee. After this deadline, withdrawal is only possible without refund of entry fee.

Due to the additional organizational effort up to space problems, late registrations are no longer possible!
Late entries are only possible if the 145 teams are not complete by the online registration deadline. Then the still open places can be occupied on race day for a late registration fee of 15 euros per person -> here applies: first come, first served!

Pitch (Area24)

Upon arrival, each team will be assigned a parking space in Area24 by the groundskeeper. The pitch fee is to be paid to them. Only one vehicle per team may remain on the campsite – additional vehicles only for loading and unloading on arrival and departure.

The use of the pitch is possible from Friday 5 pm to Sunday 3 pm. All camping equipment, pavilions, tents, etc. brought along are to be removed after the competition and garbage is to be disposed of in the containers provided.

On the event area, cars are only to be driven at walking speed and with special consideration!

Scoring mode

During the race, a maximum of one biker per team may (but does not have to) be permanently in action. Race breaks can be taken at your own discretion, the clock will still run!

By handing over a team armband, the teams change at their own discretion (after each fully ridden lap only in the transition area!). The winner is the driver or team with the most laps after 24 hours. In the event of a tie, the time required will be decisive. At the end of the 24 hours, the started lap will be completed and the additional time taken will be measured to determine the winner.


A category will only be included in the ranking if at least 4 teams are registered in the respective category. If this is not the case, the category will be merged with another one. (Individual starters are excluded from this rule).

Furthermore, there is a minimum number of laps to be completed for the following categories:

Teams of 8 M:
min 55 laps

Teams of 8 W:
min 50 laps

Teams of 8 Mix:
min 50 laps

Teams of 6 M:
min 50 laps

Teams of 6 W:
min 45 laps

Teams of 6 Mix:
min 45 laps

Teams of 4 M:
min 45 laps

Teams of 4 W:
min 40 laps

Teams of 4 Mix:
min 40 laps

If these limits are not reached, the team concerned will be dropped from the ranking.